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Opinions of seminar participants  ...

Thank you for allowing us to benefit from a high level seminar against stress. We are lucky to have Aleksei as a coach and teacher. He has mastery of the human body in general but especially on the theme of breathing from the anatomy of the respiratory system to physiology and pathology. Through this seminar he taught us many things. All we have left is the app. I thank him for his pedagogy, his availability and  I encourage the continuation of this kind of seminar. Just good for health.


I followed the 4 modules of the Yoga seminar presented by Aleksei.

I greatly appreciated the pedagogical nature; I have been doing yoga for 4 years and one of my difficulties to really progress is the "esoteric" atmosphere which still reigns a little; with Aleksei, it's clear, everything is explained so that everyone appropriates the concepts. 

I also liked the very practical side, today we know how to do our quarter of an hour "breathing" in the morning and we are already feeling the benefits.

The welcome was also very nice, right down to the aloe vera juice that I would very much like to find in stores to buy a good supply for the summer!

In short, what happiness!"



"The seminar was really great and Aleksei was really interesting and available.

In addition, he sent us the materials by email so that we could continue the exercises regularly at home.

I hope that in September other assignments will be offered so that I can complete my training.

Thank you for organizing this seminar!"



"I loved !

Unfortunately I could not participate in all the workshops.

I find the idea very interesting and its explanations relevant."


What ? :
  organized  seminars in  "preventive" yoga to help people deal with daily stress, in order to  to improve their health through knowledge of the preventive methods of Indo-Tibetan medicine. It is a thorough training and at the same time easy to  integrate, with concrete examples; it provides a lot of advice in  prevention  on health problems, which have become commonplace in today's society. "

How ? :
“Aleksei builds his seminary in
  through  from the prism of Yoga. He uses the  knowledge  psycho-physiological aspects of Yoga in order to  to prove  the logic of  working  of this ancient tradition. At the same time, he backs up his speech with the results of conventional medicine research, applied to practical  of Yoga. 
By a
  speech  focused and demonstrative Aleksei demonstrates understanding of the sources of stress,  and  door  the tools that  seem very effective.
This in turn increases the personal potential of the individual, his
  psychic resistance, his concentration, and makes him want to develop further. "  

Why ? : 
" The knowledge acquired during the seminar allows participants to get to know each other better, to understand the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle, to apply simple and effective concepts based on
  traditions  medicine  Indo-Tibetan. Participants will know how to choose and adapt their style in practice (whether  whether in sports or yoga), and will become more  effective in the many areas of their daily activities." 

Dr. André-Richard Dziulko
General practitioner and osteopath,
  practicing  in Paris. 

"I know Aleksei  for a long time, and  as a dance teacher  classic i could  appreciate the quality of his teaching. He has an in-depth knowledge of the body and its functioning both in terms of organs,  muscles  and the respiratory process.  Isle  followed for several years the teaching of doctors and teachers of yoga therapy. 

His seminar is very complete and we
  discovers, in a way that Aleksei makes simple, ways to get healthy and stay that way. His training  does not apply  only to the practice of yoga, but to ballet and any other sport. 

His classes do not bring together a "typical" yoga class, which can be found everywhere. His classes are
  personalized for each case, case they are adapted to our personal needs, and are based on our objectives  determined  whole. 

Aleksei also has a good knowledge of  dietetic. which goes hand in hand with Ayurvedic principles. His  seminars  and its courses open a  new horizon for those wishing to adopt a daily lifestyle,  guarantor of health  preserved, as Aleksei proves to us."  

dance teacher
  classic in  Yvelines 

honorary member of CFDCC

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