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yoga therapy
for Individual Practitioners
and for yoga teachers

(4 hour seminar) 

Yoga therapy does not replace medical treatment or follow-up by a doctor, it complements them.
In other words, yoga (adapted to your needs)
  makes it possible to better face the disease and above all helps to prevent it.  



The content of the seminar:  


  1. Principles of practice construction in yoga therapy  

  2. Principles of breathing in yoga therapy practice

  3. The principles and means of  respiratory system development   

  4. The practice of yoga in the prevention of vegetative disorders (regulation of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system)

  5. Know how to build practice for the prevention of hypertension

  6. yoga therapy  bronchial asthma

  7. Yoga therapy for varicose veins

  8. Yoga practice and the level of cortisol (the important hormone in regulating our adaptation to stress)

  9. The possibility of yoga therapy in cases of kidney disease

  10. Spinal yoga therapy

- introduction to the structure of the spine and the causes of problems

- the muscular system of the back and its role in the prevention of diseases of the spine

- characteristics of the different parts of the spine

- violations of posture (kyphosis and lordosis)

- pulling techniques

- intervertebral hernia

- the  construction principles of practice with intervertebral hernias

-  a variant of building a complex under the program "yoga-therapy of the spine"

*  course: 4 hours  course (theory + practice) + Q&A session at the end 

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