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Here you will find articles on the Prevention of health risks by the means of Yoga

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Yoga therapy and kidney failure.  
Changes in blood flow parameters in inverted asanas
Nadi Shodhana and hemoglobin level.
The 8 steps of Ashtanga Yoga.  
Yoga and growth hormone level in middle-aged people.
The influence of yoga practice on blood sugar in the case of diabetes II
The effect of Trataka on rhythm  alpha and mental relaxation.
Yoga and cognitive functions.  
Muscle mass and lipid profile in yoga practitioners.
Yoga and migraine: a review of the scientific evidence.
Pranayama in coronary artery disease.
12 week breathing program to improve respiratory function.
Model of Yoga intervention in counterproductive behavior at work.
The effect of yoga on anxiety, mood, and GABA levels, compared to walking.
Getting to know each other or, the abridged history of our psycho-physiological portraits.
The principles of construction of individual practice in Yoga.
Sri Yantra and its action on the human brain. 
Yoga for the  reduced risk of  metabolic syndrome. 
About Ujjayi pranayama (breathing to do while practicing postures) 
Yoga and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
The cardiovascular effects of slow breathing (and  of Ujjayi)
The Impact of Yoga and Meditation on Aging  cellular

Neuro-hemodynamic effects of mantra recitation
The  problematic  and injuries in the practice of  yoga
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