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Professionnal career :

I am passionate about movement and the human body. Professor of the Pilates Method since 2010, nurse and masseuse with more than ten years of experience, I use my knowledge in the medical and sports fields to accompany my students on the path to recovering body balance.


Granada Dance Conservatory .

DE nurse at the Granada School of Nursing.

Quiromasseuse at the School of Natural Studies of Granada.

Professor of the Pilates Method in Barcelona with Javier Perez Pont and Esperanza Aparicio. Romana's Pilates NY.

For information: The pilates method is a gentle gymnastics that combines deep breathing with physical exercises. Pilates is a physical training method inspired by yoga, dance and gymnastics. The Pilates method is mainly used from a training perspective to improve strength, flexibility, coordination and the maintenance of good posture.

Pilates session #4
Alignment & strengthening of: knees, feet, hips

Pilates session #3
Work with elastic: Stretching and articulation
of the spine

Pilates session #2
Exercises to relieve lower back pain 

Pilates session #1
Little maintenance session for the holidays 

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