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In regards to : 

This book offers various solutions in a preventive approach  risks of stress on physical and mental health.
The work is based on the knowledge of preventive medicine and traditional medicine (yoga and Ayurveda). The solutions and programs offered are based on clinical tests as well as scientific studies.

Written by professionals  : 

The book is written with the professional eye of many specialists:

  • Doctor in Neuroscience

  • Specialist in Traditional Indian Medicine

  • Expert in Disability and Functional Rehabilitation

  • Osteopathic doctor

  • and also a Professor of Human Resources at HEC because the book deals with the problems so often encountered in the world of work. 

The difference :

For educational purposes, and free for the public, a video channel on the Internet (YouTube) ensures appropriate practice and dialogue with interested parties. Dozens of videos adapted according to the time you have, your objectives and your level.  

The contents :

The book has 5 parts  :  

Part 1. Description of the problems and solutions that will be proposed in the book  


Part 2. Prevention of musculoskeletal problems (back, legs, neck, etc.). through a better understanding  functioning  muscles, as well as through appropriate exercises.
The prevention of cardiovascular disorders will also be discussed and
  supported by video sessions on the YouTube channel associated with the book.  


Part 3. Prevent problems related to poor breathing through the development of your respiratory system 
(also supported by video sessions)  


Bet 4. Learn to self-diagnose and know your strengths and weaknesses  according to the basics of traditional medicine - Ayurveda. This diagnosis makes it possible to adapt the prevention according to the psycho-physiological profile, specific to each one.
Solutions based on specific postures but also on the use of medicinal plants, as needed
  (eg: sleep, relaxation, digestion, etc.) of each will be suggested.  


Part 5. Understand stress as it is and use it to improve your well-being: this part presents some interesting scientific studies on the various means of protecting yourself against the negative factors of stress (e.g.: oxidative stress, damage DNA, cellular aging, etc.).  


Easy reading, effective solutions, and free practice via YouTube.

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