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Matthieu-Marc Giroux
Personal development consultant 

After studying in the literary preparatory class and then in the faculties of letters and philosophy, Matthieu-Marc Giroux teaches philosophy at the Sainte-Marie high school in Neuilly, he is the appointed teacher of "  Philo-theatre workshops  » founded in Paris under the aegis of the «  wedding company  » and intervenes regularly for the training of trainers within the framework of the EDEP. 

In 2012, he created "  the parent class  » which brings together one Tuesday a month adults, parents of pupils (and friends of these parents) for «  philosophizing in midlife  ".  


As part of collaborations with several training firms, he leads seminars in companies according to a pedagogy of cultural detour on themes such as "The Practices of Discernment", "Uncertainty", "From Power to Authority", “The Art of Speech”, “Trust”, “Innovation”, “Courage”, “Living in Time”,  "The customer relationship"  , “Little philosophy of conflict”... 

Nourished by literature, painting, or cinematographic extracts, his approach makes it possible to get as close as possible to the professional stakes and the realities of the company, by getting out of the confusion specific to the opinion that one does not question. Philosophy, which is never more faithful to itself than when it is confronted with what is not it and whose best material is at first foreign to it, is then experienced as a mode of openness and of questioning. Far from despising reality, it gives action its strength and precision.


In multi-year training programs, he has led numerous seminars within the Orange, Batigère, GrDF, Total and Canal+ groups. He has also intervened on several occasions for Suez-environnement, L'Oréal, Hermès, Thalys, Axima-Seita, etc., within the framework of conventions or days of reflection or team cohesion, and, with the firm Key People, for the "  Master  Entrepreneur  from the HEC group. He had the opportunity to offer several lectures to doctors for pharmaceutical laboratories on “the status of the body through art”. 

More recently, a large group entrusted him with training for its executives in a program of 10 philosophy lessons for managers and employees of the company.


With Aleksei Papin, Matthieu-Marc Giroux engages in a resolutely embodied approach, linking philosophical reflection to an in-depth understanding of the functioning of the body, its regulatory mechanisms and the levers that their knowledge gives us. To associate the philosophical approach with the ancestral knowledge of vital energies and their mode of regulation, is to join not only the theory to the practice but to join an intuition of philosophy as global wisdom, inseparably physical and spiritual. It is then to ensure its concrete influence on the life that it is intended to accompany, support and deploy, in order to accomplish it.

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