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In our work we focus on two axes whose interaction is constant:
  Yoga  Traditional and what medicine aided by science has achieved to date.

In our practice, we rely on  Ayurvedic diagnostics  and medical analyzes to establish your personal yoga program.  

We have integrated into our method a wide range of knowledge and experience in the field of therapeutic solutions:

The detailed construction  asanas in the  tradition of Iyengar, enriched by a wide arsenal of dynamic practices from the traditions of D. Brahmachari, and the relaxation practice of  Yoga Nidra.  

  The diagnosis of the personal yoga program is based on the achievements of medicine, the knowledge of  Ayurveda  and Tibetan Medicine.


We expose to all practitioners the goal to be achieved - to achieve the optimum functioning of all human bodily systems: the musculoskeletal system, the internal organs, the brain and, consequently, the mind and consciousness.


The journey of your personal yoga program can be represented as a series of steps:  

  1. Body work .  Get rid of pathologies by practicing:  

- asanas

- sukshama vyayama

2. Work of the breath . Prepare the body for meditative practices, improve the power of concentration, and develop breathing capacity by:  

- prana-vyayama

- pranayama  

3. Work of the mind . Meditation and relaxation practices based on:
- trataka

- yoga nidra 


Yoga and its therapy are  today in its infancy in the Western world. Current living conditions require adapting the methodology of yoga therapy to the Western mentality.

We endorse the knowledge of therapeutic yoga (maintaining its fundamental components) by modern medicine.

The description of yoga-therapy techniques through the application of scientific tests, as well as the analysis of their results are necessary for several reasons:

 first reason  :

an objective analysis leads to understanding, and this makes it possible to use yoga therapy more effectively.

In the same way a  better understanding reduces the number of errors  and possible complications that come with superficial understanding. 

Second reason  :

the  scientific evidence  suggest a common language with Western medicine.

Moreover, this integration extends the capabilities of traditional medical systems - such as yoga therapy.

We have developed a different yoga teaching, personalized and targeted for each student. Through our seminars we also expose a training program.

Our doors are open to beginners and experienced practitioners alike. For those who use yoga in their life, and for those who have just recently decided to take charge of their health and improve the quality of their life.


Degree in  Yoga-Therapy, practicing  yoga since  15  years,

Yoga-preventive teacher (France & Russia)
Member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT USA)

I studied yogatherapy with several  yoga-therapist doctors in order to acquire various skills
and know-how in the following areas:


  • digestive disorders

  • sleep improvement

  • spinal problems

  • diabetes (2) and metabolic syndrome

  • the development of physical strength and endurance

  • the use of phytotherapy in addition to the practice of Yoga  (in yogic cleansing procedures  )

I have  tested and learned to adapt  this  experience during my service in the Foreign Legion (2nd REG) and then, following my studies at HEC Paris (MBA class of 2014). 


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