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Director, Social partners, Employees,
be  all players in the quality of life at work  (QVT)
Thanks to the practice of sport and the well-being within your society.

The Heartfulness Institute was created in France in January 2017. It provides free Heartfulness relaxation and meditation techniques. It aims to improve the human condition and the quality of life in our society by exploring
the infinite potential of the heart.

The Quay of Possibilities, located  in Saint Germain en Laye, is a meeting place to share,  inspire, understand,  find solutions to contribute  to the world of tomorrow!

The gym in small groups for more conviviality
(in Chambourcy)

Warm and welcoming, this multifunctional space with specific equipment can be adapted according to the workshops, conferences, group lessons or courses offered throughout the year.

Workshops/conferences:  sophrology, meditation, personal development, parenthood, hypnosis, massages, naturopathy, baby carrying, baby massages, emotions, breastfeeding, well-being, birth well, aging well, food, health...

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